Small and medium-sized network local cabling solution

April 8, 2023
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If you usually like to throw things around, what will happen in the computer room you manage?

The following is the network cabling experience in the computer room summarized by the network cable manufacturer Aixuntong:


1. Try to find the same company for computer room decoration and computer room wiring, otherwise it will be difficult to coordinate and unify many aspects, such as cleaning and sanitation of the computer room, design and decoration of the computer room, etc. One-stop service is conducive to wiring.

2. Looking for a computer room decoration company. If you are looking for a company with real experience in computer room decoration, you can actually visit their project site to understand their technical level and strength. There are too many companies in the market that claim to have renovated IDC computer rooms.

3. Before decorating the computer room, it is best to invite consultants to come to the site and ask them to propose a plan. First, see their designer's design of the computer room as a reference, and then modify it according to our internal needs to make a plan.

4. Weak and strong electricity should be separated.

5. It is best to arrange two follow-up personnel in the computer room. They can follow up together and take turns according to the overtime situation. When problems arise, they can also coordinate according to the situation.

6. When ordering equipment models, it is best to read the samples first to prevent deviations.

7. How to effectively do a good job of cleaning and sanitation in the early stage is a problem, and I have no idea yet.

plan the details:

1. It is best to buy a dedicated network cabinet for the network wiring cabinet. There are two main design schemes for the network cabinet: a. In a network cabinet, a distribution frame is equipped with a switch, which is erected in pairs. b. The distribution frame has a separate network cabinet, and the switch has a separate network cabinet, which can be connected through jumpers. The above two schemes are conducive to wiring.

2. The quality of the anti-static floor in the computer room should be selected well, and the load-bearing capacity should be strong, at least able to bear a weight of 700 kg

3. Do a good job of dust-proofing the ceiling, do a good job of gas fire protection, do a good job of moisture-proofing the walls, and do a good job of paint quality. Building lightning protection is different from computer room machine lightning protection (different requirements).

4. There are two ways to route the network cable: a. The floor, then the height of the cable trough must be sufficient, the minimum required height: 30-40 cm, to prepare for the wiring. b. Go over the cabinet and make a cable rack.

The two methods each determine the location of the distribution frame, the location of the air conditioner, the way of dust prevention, and the way of heat dissipation. Personally, it is recommended to use the air conditioner to avoid the problem of water dripping from the air conditioner.

5. There are several ways to route the network cables. Considering the possibility and feasibility of future maintenance, it is not recommended to separate them by business network. It is recommended to separate them by cabinets. One cabinet has one bundle of network cables. Do a good job of digital sorting, and sort them in the network cabinet according to the numbers. end distribution on the patch panel. That is, a large bundle for one cabinet. Run the wires in bundles.

6. For the design of the network cable trough/rack, the cable trough must be wide and tall, and the turning position cannot be at a right angle, but must be turned at a corner. Try to avoid crossing the network cable, but crossing is inevitable. Considering the position of the wires, the design of the wire grooves of the server cabinets and the network cabinets must be different, because they need to be aggregated.

7. The three-plug socket and waterproof socket under the cabinet should be installed in the front of the server cabinet (if there are few wires, it can be in this box, not recommended), and the network cabinet must be in the front. The opening under the cabinet must be load-bearing, and the opening is located in front of the load-bearing plate for easy cable extraction.

8. More three-prong sockets should be installed in all directions, so as to be prepared.

9. When there are multiple network cabinets, a dedicated distribution frame must be set up for interconnection between network cabinets, which can provide necessary support for future network setup and maintenance.

10. The distribution frame device of the network cabinet is different from the distribution frame device of the server cabinet. The distribution frame of the network cabinet is in front, and the distribution frame of the server cabinet is behind. Accordingly, the length of the network cable is different.