oil-filled cable

March 10, 2023
Latest company news about oil-filled cable

1. What is an oil-filled cable?

A self-contained pressure type cable that uses insulating oil as the pressurized fluid and allows the oil to flow freely in the cable.

2. What are the characteristics of oil-filled cables?

The characteristic is that low-viscosity insulating oil is filled into the interior of the cable insulation, and a certain pressure is supplied by the oil supply equipment to eliminate the possibility of air gaps inside the insulation. It is a representative product of "pressure type" wires.

3. What are the advantages of oil-filled cables?

Oil-filled cables have excellent insulation performance, can withstand high working electric field strength, have very low dielectric loss, good heat dissipation, reliable sheath protection and joint accessories.

4. What occasions are oil-filled cables used for?

It is mainly used in high-voltage (100KV and above) and large-capacity occasions, such as the main line in the urban power grid and the incoming and outgoing lines of large hydropower plants, thermal power plants, and hub substations. Oil-filled cables are basically no longer used, and they are replaced by cross-linked cables, except for special requirements.