Photoelectric composite low-voltage cables

March 17, 2023
Latest company news about Photoelectric composite low-voltage cables

Photoelectric composite low-voltage cables (referred to as photoelectric composite cables) determine the complexity of the cable structure due to their variety of functions, but as long as there is a reasonable structural design, the functions of the composite cable can be better realized and satisfied, and in compliance with manufacturing standards At the same time reduce manufacturing costs and maximize benefits. The structure of the composite cable is usually composed of two parts: the cable core and the sheath of the stranded structure, wherein the sheath includes the sheath and the outer sheath, and the latter is optional as required

(1) Small outer diameter, light weight, and small footprint (usually a series of problems that can only be solved with multiple cables can be replaced by a composite cable);
(2) Low procurement costs, low construction costs, and low network construction costs for customers;
(3) It has superior bending performance and good lateral pressure resistance, and is convenient for construction;
(4) Provide a variety of transmission technologies at the same time, with high adaptability and scalability of the same equipment, and a wide range of product applications;
(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;
(6) Cost saving, the optical fiber is reserved for home use, avoiding secondary wiring;
(7) Solve the problem of power consumption of equipment during network construction (avoid repeated deployment of power supply lines)