Quality distinction of network cabinets

January 29, 2024
Latest company news about Quality distinction of network cabinets

1、 Plate thickness. A good network cabinet or server cabinet, it
The column should be at least 1.2mm, and the side panel should be ensured to be 1mm. Only in this way can you
Only the cabinet can bear the weight of your expensive equipment. Of course, if the pillars
Cabinets with a size of 1.5mm or 2.0mm or larger are even better.
2、 Heat dissipation. If your device generates a significant amount of heat during operation, it is recommended to
You choose a mesh type cabinet to ensure timely heat dissipation inside the cabinet.
3、 Cabinet power supply. Many cabinet manufacturers now prioritize price advantages,
Using a regular cabinet power supply actually brings great safety to your device
Hidden dangers. For example, when the power carried by the equipment inside the cabinet is relatively high, ordinary cabinet electricity
The input cable of the source will generate a large amount of heat, causing cable aging over time.