Aerial fiber optic cable-Aixton brand

January 20, 2024
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Aerial fiber optic cable

① Check whether the direction of the pole path, the buried position of the pole cables (struts), pole height and spacing, the cable tie pattern, the position of the optical cable connector, the position of the remaining optical cables, the total length of the pole path, etc. are consistent with the engineering design.

② The optical cable passing through the pole must have a certain bend (and be protected by a hose - depending on the design), and the optical cable at the angle pole must be protected by a plastic hose

③The upper and lower parts of the overhead lead should be tied firmly and protected with steel pipes (required to be over 2.5 meters)

④ Where overhead optical cables cross or are parallel to power lines (the distance required by the specification is not reached), three-wire cross protection sleeves must be used for insulation protection.

⑤ When overhead optical cables cross intersections where vehicles pass, they must ensure that the crossing height reaches more than 7 meters, and safety signs or signs must be hung on the hanging wires; short-circuit poles and pull wires affect line and traffic safety, and reflective markings must be made. If possible, build electric poles and piers for protection

⑥ The pole path constructed together with the optical cable requires that the poles must not be seriously skewed or misaligned, and the pole shaft must not be broken or exposed.

⑦The guy wire should be at a diagonally deep position, and the ground anchor should be unearthed no more than 0.5 meters

⑧The hooks are even and do not move, the sag of the hanging wire is in compliance with the specifications, and there is no intersection between the optical cable and the hanging wire.

⑨The optical cable connectors are installed firmly, and the remaining bindings are neat and beautiful, meeting the design requirements.

⑩ Attach a sign to every other pole or the optical cable on the pole according to the design requirements. The content of the sign is the same as that of the pipe optical cable. Within 500 meters of the entrance and exit, a sign is tied to each optical cable on the overhead pole.