Network cable selection

January 20, 2024
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Network cable selection:

Choose a network cable suitable for transmission distance, speed and quality.
On the basis of meeting actual needs, rationally choose network cables at reasonable prices.
Basic requirements for network cable laying:

Follow national and industry standards and regulations.
Take necessary protective measures for network cables, such as ducting, winding, etc.
Clearly label network cables to facilitate maintenance and management.
For special occasions (such as outdoor environments), appropriate grounding measures should be taken.
Network cable laying construction requirements:

Carry out adequate pre-construction preparations, such as determining laying routes and clearing obstacles.
Choose appropriate laying and fixing methods to ensure the stability and reliability of network cables.
Consider the bending radius requirements of network cables to avoid damage caused by excessive bending.
Take necessary lightning protection measures in lightning-prone areas.
Network cable laying acceptance requirements:

After completion of laying, careful inspection and acceptance will be carried out to ensure quality and reliability.
Conduct network transmission testing and acceptance to ensure stability and reliability.
Record the acceptance process in detail for subsequent maintenance and management.