The applicable features of OPGW

January 20, 2024
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The applicable features of OPGW are:
(1) Lines with high voltage exceeding 110kv have larger gear distances (generally above 250M);
(2) Easy to maintain, easy to solve line crossing problems, and its mechanical characteristics can meet the needs of large line crossings;
(3) The outer layer of OPGW is metal armored, which has no effect on high-voltage electrical corrosion and degradation;
(4) OPGW must have a power outage during construction, and power outage losses will be large, so OPGW should be used in new high-voltage lines above 110kv;
(5) Among the performance indicators of OPGW, the greater the short-circuit current, the more armor needs to be used with good conductors, which reduces the tensile strength accordingly. When the tensile strength is constant, the only way to increase the short-circuit current capacity is to increase the The metal cross-sectional area will increase, resulting in an increase in cable diameter and cable weight, which poses safety issues to the strength of line poles and towers.