RJ45 network faceplate

December 2, 2022
Latest company news about RJ45 network faceplate

The network panel refers to a type of wiring product that is applied to the wiring subsystem of the work area and is suitable for the installation of multiple types of modules. Its main function is to fix the module, protect the cables at the information outlet, and play a role similar to a screen. For the wiring system, the network panel is not the main product component that affects the performance, but in the entire wiring system, it is one of the few products exposed on the wall surface, and its performance and appearance directly affect the overall wiring Effect. Features of the Smart Web Panel:
1. Compact design
2. Automatic cable recovery
3. It can be connected to a special external module to realize the voice function
4. Compatible with 100Mbps Ethernet
5. High-speed high-quality wire core, small size, good toughness, high flexibility, and can be bent at will
6. The intelligent network panel is mainly used in hotel rooms, offices, multi-functional conference rooms, multimedia classrooms, home offices, etc.