RVV cable

July 20, 2023
Latest company news about RVV cable

The full name of RVV cable is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as light PVC insulated PVC, commonly known as soft sheathed wire, which is a kind of sheathed wire. RVV wire and cable is two or more RV wires plus a layer of sheath. RVV cables are the most commonly used cables in weak current systems. The number of core wires is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement of the core wires. The letter R stands for the cord and the letter V stands for the insulator polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
For example: RVV2*0.5 is two wires of 0.5 square millimeters plus a layer of outer sheath. The function of the sheath is:
1. Protect the cable inner sheath from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion;
2. Enhance the mechanical strength of the cable. RVV cables are mainly used for power lines, control lines, and signal transmission lines for electrical appliances, instruments, electronic equipment, and automation devices. Specifically, they can be used in anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems, etc.