The speaker wire

July 20, 2023
Latest company news about The speaker wire

The speaker wire is used to connect the power amplifier and the speaker, and the current signal flowing in it is much larger than the video wire and audio wire mentioned above. Because of the large signal amplitude, this type of wire often has no shielding layer. For this kind of wire, the key is to reduce its resistance. Because the output impedance of modern power amplifiers is very low, the requirements for speaker wires are also increased, such as choosing large cross-sectional areas or multi-strand wires. Wire materials range from pure copper to silver wires. The more expensive speaker wire is oxygen-free copper speaker wire. Its main characteristics are good electrical conductivity and low resistivity. Using it can increase the timbre of the sound when it is used. According to the classification of home speakers, they are divided into home theater speakers (generally 6) and HIFI music speakers (two), generally also known as fever boxes.
HIFI speakers are used to restore the recording sound field with high fidelity, so there must be sufficient guarantee for the lossless transmission of audio signals. Generally, transmission lines have different impedances for different frequency signals. This characteristic is manifested in poor sound quality in terms of sound restoration. For this reason, people have produced a high-end speaker connection line called an intelligent signal line. This line is characterized by dividing the signal into two channels according to the frequency. The outer layer of a certain thickness passes through the signal above 5KHZ, and the signal below 5KHZ is transmitted through the inner layer of the line. However, the price is also very expensive. Most of the audio cable brands mentioned above also produce fever speaker cables.