rvvp is a multi-core soft wire

August 10, 2023
Latest company news about rvvp is a multi-core soft wire

rvvp is a multi-core soft wire with soft conductor PVC insulated wire plus shielding layer and PVC sheath, r means flexible wire, V means PVC insulation, V means PVC sheath, P means shielding layer, rated voltage 300 /300V, the number of common cores is 2-24 cores, and the diameter of common cores is: 0.12 square, 0.2 square, 0.3 square, 0.4 square, 0.5 square, 1.0 square, 1.5 square, etc.

RVVP, also known as electrical connection anti-interference soft wire, is to add a layer of braided shielding layer on the basis of rvv wire. It is suitable for efficient and safe data transmission cables for communication, audio, broadcasting, sound systems, anti-theft alarm systems, intelligent automation systems, automatic meter reading systems, fire protection systems, etc., and has the effect of resisting external signal interference. Compared with vv cables, rvvp cables have better electromagnetic compatibility characteristics due to their copper braided shielding. Therefore, it is especially suitable for installation places with harsh electromagnetic environments and short installation distances. RVVP cable products can be installed in trays and hoses for indoor installations.