Terminal box -install

August 10, 2023
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(1) The fiber optic panel provides the following four fiber end installation methods:
a) Install L-shaped field-terminated sockets.
b) Install straight field-terminated receptacles.
c) Install field-terminated plugs and optical adapters.
d) Install fiber heat fusion and optical adapters.
The optical fiber panel can be compatible with any of the above methods. The L-shaped field-terminated socket is not a necessary condition. If the field-finished plug and adapter are installed in the socket, the adapter interface cannot protrude from the socket panel.
The optical fiber active connector plugs and adapters in the fiber optic panel should use SC and LC types, and they should comply with the communication industry standards for related products.
(2) Other functions of fiber optic panel:
a) The fiber optic panel can be easily opened and used, and should have a certain dust-proof function.
b) The fiber optic panel can provide a variety of connection methods such as fusion splicing, cold splicing, and on-site connection, and can provide fixation and protection for the fiber optic connector.
c) The input and port output of single-core or two-core optical cables can be provided, and the interface type is SC or LC type adapter.
d) The optical fiber panel has the fixing function of the butterfly-shaped lead-in optical cable and other conventional indoor and outdoor optical cables, and makes its performance unaffected.
e) The optical fiber panel should have enough cable coiling space. The bending radius of the optical fiber or optical cable inside the panel should not be less than 30mm, and no less than 40cm of home optical cable can be left.
f) Fully meet the requirements of the bending radius of the optical fiber, and provide routing and protection for the incoming optical fiber.