The cable management

December 6, 2023
Latest company news about The cable management

The cable management rack can be installed at the front end of the rack to provide horizontal cable management for wiring or equipment jumpers; when installing the cable management rack, the cables should be managed naturally according to the direction of the cables to form an easy-to-maintain system. .
The cable management frame is also called a cable manager. It is usually used together with the patch panel to manage various jumpers used for patching on the front panel of the patch panel. Because all types of jumpers have a certain weight, they will naturally sag after being connected to the interface of the patch panel module. If the connection point is stressed for a long time, the interface will cause poor contact and cause network failure and other failures. Therefore, methods such as tying and fixing wires were often used in past projects to reduce the pulling force of the cables on the RJ-45 module. This may be applicable in some areas and situations, but it does not solve the underlying problem. The cable management rack can hold the cables flat so that the cables do not exert force on the module, essentially solving this long-standing problem.
Furthermore, the cable management rack holds up the cables, and the jumper connector enters the RJ-45 module horizontally, so that the cables no longer need to be turned at right angles before being inserted into the module, which reduces the loss of its own signal and also reduces the radiation to surrounding cables. interference.
The cable management rack also has two products: 19" standard width cable management rack and 110 type patch panel.