The main players in the optical fiber industry

March 10, 2023
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The main players in the optical fiber industry mainly come from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, India and China, such as Corning in the United States, Prysmian in Italy, Fujikura and Sumitomo in Japan, Daehan and LS in South Korea, Streeter in India, As well as China's YOFC, Tongding Internet, Hengtong, Fortis, Zhongtian and FiberHome. There are more than 60 optical fiber manufacturers in the world, about half of which are Chinese companies. In recent years, with the gradual release of national policy dividends such as "triple network integration", "broadband China" and 4G/5G construction, the technology research and development capabilities of leading enterprises in the industry have been significantly improved.

With the continuous development of 5G and the accelerated arrival of the 6G era, and the rapid development of the Internet industry, the global demand for optical fiber products will gradually increase. Since the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the application of data in my country has gradually been valued, and the Internet of Everything is inseparable from the construction of data centers, and the construction of data centers requires the assistance of a large number of high-performance optical cables, which will continue to promote the research and development level of the optical fiber industry. The technical barrier of optical fiber preform is high, and it is also the necessary upstream for the production of optical fiber and cable. Therefore, the analysis and research and development of optical fiber preform will be the development trend of optical fiber enterprises in the future.