The production of network cables requires a variety of equipment

April 20, 2024
Latest company news about The production of network cables requires a variety of equipment

The production of wires and cables requires a variety of equipment, mainly including: 

Extruder. This is core equipment for the production of insulation and sheathing materials such as plastics and rubber. It extrudes prefabricated materials through screws, and then goes through cutting, cooling and pulling to form wires and cables. Types of extruders include single-layer extruders, double-layer extruders, mixing extruders and twin-screw extruders.
Cable forming machine. Used to braid single wires or strands of multi-core cables into sheathed wires and cables. The cabling machine completes the cabling process by stretching and twisting multi-core wires.
Stranding machine. Multiple pieces of metal wire or similar materials are wound together to form the copper wire material of the cable. Stranding machines are divided into single twisting machines, double twisting machines and multi-stranding machines.
Stranding machine. Similar to a stranding machine, multiple core wire bundles are wound together to form multiple strands of twisted copper wire cable material. The stranding machine requires many operations.
Winding machine. It is used to wind the stranded metal wire around the skeleton of wires and cables to form an axis core wire.
Armored machine. Used to cover wires and cables in armor layers to improve wear resistance, pressure resistance and electromagnetic interference resistance. Armoring machines adopt different armoring methods, such as steel tape armoring, copper tape armoring, etc.
Take-up machine. Roll the extruded wire and cable material into a roll to ensure stable wire tension.
Drawing Machine. Metal materials are drawn into filaments for making cable cores.
Taping machine. Taping is applied to the insulation or sheath of a cable to protect the outer layer and enhance the strength of the insulation.
Cross-linking device. Used for cross-linking treatment of cable insulation layer to enhance heat resistance and mechanical properties.
Skin extruder. Insulating material or sheathing material for the surface of cable core wires.
Cooling spray tower. Quickly cool down the newly produced cables to maintain good shape.
High voltage tester. Check whether the cable core wire and sheath meet the specifications.
These equipments have different types and functions according to production requirements and cable types, and together complete the production process of wires and cables.