Cat 8 network cable-Aixton Brand

April 22, 2024
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Cat 8 network cable:

Category 8 network cable, Cat8 cable is an Ethernet cable, which is different from the previous network cable and is another type of network cable. It supports frequencies up to 2GHz (2000 MHz). It is limited to 30m2 connector channels. It also requires shielded wire. The main point to consider is that it can support speeds of 35 Gbps or 40 Gbps. Overall, its physical appearance is similar to that of a low-grade network cable. They terminate with RJ45 connections or non-RJ45 connections. It is compatible with all its backward versions. You can use it with earlier versions of standard connectors such as Cat-7.

Cat 7 vs Cat 8 comparison

The transmission frequency and cable length are very important when comparing these cables. Here is a detailed comparison:


Cat7 cable provides performance up to 600 MHz, while Cat8 provides performance up to 2000 MHz

Network cable length:

The maximum cable length for Cat 7 networks is 100m (10 Gbps). Cat8 is limited to 30m cable length for 25 Gbps or 40 Gbps.