Twisted-pair cables

April 8, 2023
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Twisted-pair cables, also known as twisted-pair cables, are to divide the core wires of multi-core cables into several pairs (two cores are a pair), and twist each pair individually at a certain pitch. Such cables are called twisted-pair cables or twisted-pair cables.
Taking the 8-core cable as an example, one situation is to first divide the 8-core into 4 pairs, each pair is twisted individually at a certain pitch, and then the 4 pairs are twisted into a cable. For example, our common network cable is 8-core. 4-pair twisted-pair cable. Another situation is that the 8 cores are not paired and twisted separately, but the 8 cores are directly twisted into a cable.
Knowing what is a twisted pair cable, then the problem comes. How do customers know whether the cable they want needs a twisted pair cable? What is the difference between twisted-pair and non-twisted-pair cables?
Don't worry, we Calder Flexible Cable wrote this article today to help you answer these questions.
To answer the above question, then we have to figure out what the twisted pair does. The twisted pair actually uses the principle of differential signal technology. When the two core wires of the twisted pair work, they will generate signals with equal amplitude and opposite phase, which are called differential mode signals. The two signals cancel each other out, which can eliminate interference, thereby improving the reliability and stability of data transmission, and also making the distance of signal transmission longer.