Twisting machines-CAT6 CAT7 CAT8

May 25, 2024
Latest company news about Twisting machines-CAT6 CAT7 CAT8

Twisting machines can generally be divided into two types: automatic high-speed twisting machines and three-pitch high-speed twisting machines. Among them, automatic high-speed twisting machines are more common. The three-pitch high-speed twisting machine, based on the traditional untwisting twisting device, significantly increases the output by more than 30%. It is the best equipment for the twisting process of Category 5/Category 6/Category 7 LAN data cables.
Machine speed: The larger the speed value, the higher the efficiency.
Wire diameter: The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy. The technical difficulty also increases accordingly.
Stranding cross-sectional area: The smaller the value, the greater the technical difficulty.
Drive motor: generally adopts variable frequency control, which is easy to control the speed of rotation.
Laying distance: The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy.
Twisted take-up reel: There are two types: right-hand wire entry type and left-hand wire entry type.
Noise index: reflects the noise level when the machine is operating.
Lifting system: There are two types: manual and automatic lifting.
Vibration index: The smaller the value, the smoother the operation.