UL1424 fire alarm wire

May 18, 2024
Latest company news about UL1424 fire alarm wire

UL1424 fire alarm wire is a wire used in fire alarm systems that meets UL (American Safety Laboratory) standards. It is fire-resistant, high-temperature resistant and combustion-resistant, and can provide reliable signal transmission in the event of a fire. This standard requires the insulation material of the fire alarm wire to have a certain fire resistance time to ensure that it can still work normally in the event of a fire.

UL1424 fire alarm wire is widely used in various occasions such as buildings, commercial places and residences. It is used to connect fire detectors, alarm equipment and control panels to ensure the normal operation and timely response of the fire alarm system.

Model: FPL, FPLR

Usage: Mainly used for emergency lighting, fire observation, signal induction sensor system, supply and exhaust fan system, communication alarm system, equipment control system, fire pump and fire alarm system circuit cable.

Features: It uses insulation materials, filling materials and sheaths with high flame retardant properties, and has strong self-extinguishing properties; it is lightweight, easy to install, has wiring and small footprint.

Note: The conductor uses solid or multi-stranded copper conductors, which are pressed with high flame-retardant UL105°C PVC insulation. Drainage wires are added when the cable is formed, and are covered with aluminum foil shielding. The high flame-retardant PVC 105°C sheath is used. The cable is resistant to sunlight. Rated voltage: 300/300V; rated temperature: 90°C, 105°C.