What are the characteristics of network cables with power cords and what are their application scenarios?

May 18, 2024
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1. Overview of POE network cable
Network cables with power cords are called POE (Power Over Ethernet) network cables, which refer to a technology that can provide data and power to devices through network cables. Traditional network cables can only transmit data and cannot provide power support, so additional power supplies are required, causing inconvenience and additional costs. The emergence of POE technology can solve this problem. By adding a set of power cords to the network cable, the device can be connected to the Internet and power can be provided at the same time.
2. Features and advantages
The biggest feature of POE network cable is that one cable can realize dual transmission of data and power, which provides great convenience for the development of modern network equipment. Its main advantages include the following aspects:
1. Good flexibility: It is not limited by power supply. When installing AP, phone, camera and other equipment, it is no longer restricted by power lines and can be installed at any required location.
2. Easy to maintain: POE network cable has only one cable, while traditional network lines require one cable and one power interface, so that all devices will have less cable clutter and be easier to maintain.
3. Safe and practical: POE network cable uses low-voltage DC power supply, making the equipment safe and reliable. And as a network security technology, it does not affect the security of regular network equipment.
3. Application scenarios
POE network cables are suitable for situations where network data and power supply need to be provided for devices, such as:
1. Wireless AP: Power can be provided to the AP through a POE network cable, making it easier to install and adjust its position.
2. IP phone: The phone can be connected to the network through a POE network cable. No additional power interface is needed, which is more convenient and practical.
3. Camera: It can provide power for monitoring equipment through POE network cable, reducing cable clutter and facilitating layout and installation.
4. Summary
Network cable with power cord, POE network cable, integrates data transmission and power supply, and has become an indispensable part of modern network equipment. Its advantages include good flexibility, easy maintenance, safety and practicality, and it is suitable for various application scenarios such as wireless AP, cameras, and IP phones.