December 22, 2023
Latest company news about SC/APC  FAST CONNECTOR

1. Pass the leather optical cable through the tail cap, and use scissors to peel off about 5 to 6 cm of the outer skin of the leather optical cable. Then cut off the peeled skin, keeping the skins on both sides flush. Please be careful during the peeling process to prevent damage to the internal fiber optic cable.

2. Place the optical cable in the clamp, keep the edge of the outer sheath flush with the scribed line in the clamp, then close the clamp cover, then use Miller pliers to get close to the edge of the clamp, cut off the exposed coating layer, and expose the optical fiber. Then use alcohol to clean the exposed white optical fiber.

3. Use a clamp to cut the optical fiber. After cutting, take the optical cable out of the clamp, and then compare it with the diagram on the product packaging bag to see if it matches. Then align the optical fiber with the hole in the main body, and then insert it. Stop when the primary reaches the bottom of the main body. At this time, you can clearly observe that the optical fiber is bent. Press the white crimping cap on the main body to the bottom, and then screw the tail cap on On the main body, just snap on the shell.